Covid-19 "Corona" virus reached Switzerland in early 2020, and our children were told overnight to stop going to school and stay at home. The public schooling system was unprepared.

Proactive teachers organized Whatsapp groups, emailed exercise sheets, organized work-boxes that kids collected, or started using virtual classroom apps. For now however, these best-effort initiatives have not maintained the pre-Corona pace of education and usually require heavy involvment from parents. Corona has shown how dependent our public education is to physical classrooms.

Some of us at Sense6 have children and we didn't want them sitting around, we also didn't have the time to create tailored exercises all day long. So we created this website to automate parts of home schooling: there isn't much and we'll add more exercises if time allows.

Feel free to use, especially if you have kids staying at home who should be at school. This website has no ads, no cookies, and it's free.

Please contact us if you notice bugs or have ideas to improve existing exercises. Even better if you want to get involved in making new playful exercises for children to learn from.

In closing, we hope that the Corona crisis starts a debate on different schooling platforms and how to leverage them. We need a faster, more innovative and less risk-averse government to introduce alternatives to "physical presence in the classroom", if only as backup.


Puzzle images were hand-picked from Wallpaperplay.com to ensure that they are child-safe.

Animated gifs were Google searched and downloaded, or downloaded from Giphy.com

It's not our intent to infringe on anyone's copyright. If we are please contact us and we will remove the infringing material.

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